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Free delivery anywhere in Canada for orders of 150$ or more. Use code GOHOPPY at checkout.
*certain conditions apply
Extrait de houblon

Sabro Incognito

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INCOGNITO hop extract

INCOGNITO® is a fluid hop extract from specific varieties, which gives beer more powerful hop flavors and aromas.
INCOGNITO® is designed to be added during the whirlpool stage to maximize flavors and aromas. The product contains no hop vegetative matter, which eliminates costly wort losses associated with the absorption of liquid by the hop pellets. INCOGNITO® is produced by CO2 extraction. and contains only components derived from hops.

Dosing :
Typically, Incognito hops extract replaces T-90 hops pellets in a 1:6 replacement ratio.
Using 1 g/L of Incognito in the whirlpool is equivalent to 1.5 lb/bbl of pellets (5.8 g/L).
The maximum recommended dose is 2 g/L.

Brewing Instructions:
- 1g in weight is roughly equivalent to 1ml in volume
- Each 16g pouch is roughly equivalent to 4oz of T90 pellet hops in the swirl.
- Incognito is liquid at room temperature, but you can wrap the pouch in a warm towel or place the pouch in warm water to reduce viscosity and improve dilution.

With Incognito, it's now easier than ever to brew hoppy beers with powerful aromas. The love of hops inspires brewers to use more hops than ever. Unfortunately, the more pellets you use, the more beer you lose in the process. Thanks to Incognito, an all-natural hop flavored product specially designed for use in the whirlpool, brewers can now brew even more aromatic and flavorful beers without causing significant product waste.

Storage :
The stability of INCOGNITO® is significantly improved when the product is stored at a maximum temperature of 20°C. In this condition, INCOGNITO® is
stable for 24 months. If the product has been opened once and is stored at recommended temperatures, it can be used within 6 months after opening if the total age of the contents does not exceed 24 months.

Resources :

  1. INCOGNITO Presentation PDF
  2. INCOGNITO Dosing Instructions PDF
  3. INCOGNITO Technical Data Sheet PDF
  4. INCOGNITO Safety Data Sheet PDF